33618 Kids Eye Doctor

Kids Eye Doctor in 33618

It is easy and quite common to feel complacent when you feel as if you’re seeing fine and you have no symptoms related to your eyes to cause you any concern. But we at Optical Outlets recommend that a yearly eye exam be done for our valued patients of all ages, and that includes your child.


33618 Kids Eye Doctor

When it comes to vision, too often people settle for it being okay or adequate. But when it comes to your child, you always want better for him or her than you do even for yourself. And with eyeglasses, she or he will be able to enjoy maximum visual acuity, with outstanding, sharp, and clear vision. That is an advantage when it comes to all aspects of your child’s life. From school to play to social development, reading, watching TV, using a computer; these are all things for which seeing the best that he or she is capable of will be a benefit.

Our 33618 kids eye doctor will conduct tests that include reading from an eye chart, or if your child is not old enough to read, using the tumbling E game, in which she or he is presented a series of E’s and will simply say in which direction each is pointing. It’s fun and effective. As your child’s vision needs evolve, so too should his or her prescription for eyeglasses. And this is another reason why a yearly eye exam is important. Eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts can affect anyone at any age, and so our 33618 kids eye doctor will screen your child for those. In addition, pediatric concerns, like lazy eye and crossed eyes, will also be checked for. And while they are not dangerous, they can become permanent if not addressed in a timely manner.

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