Contacts in Tampa

Contacts in Tampa

Contact Lenses in Tampa

Many people need glasses in order to see, including kids and teens. Glasses are preferred for children for several reasons, but teenagers may want to make the transition from glasses to contacts. When it comes to contact lenses, a separate eye exam is needed and a slightly different prescription strength lens may be recommended as well. If you’re looking to get your teen contact lenses, then you can get contacts in Tampa here at Optical Outlets. We can make sure that your teen gets the exam they need and that they find the right lenses as well.

When it comes to contact lenses, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Each person has unique needs pertaining to their eyesight as well as their eye shape. In some cases, allergies or other pre existing conditions can make wearing contacts difficult or simply not possible. In other instances, certain conditions will require the use of specific types of lenses, such is the case with astigmatism. This is why contact lens exams and screenings are different from glasses exams and why prescription needs may be different. First, our eye doctor here at Optical Outlets will see whether your teen is able to wear contacts. From there, we can figure out what types of lenses will work best and what their specific prescription needs are. Once that is complete, we can move on to finding the perfect contacts in Tampa. Before choosing contacts, we offer complete contact lens fittings. This allows first-time patients to try on different kinds of lenses to see which ones feel the most comfortable. Plus, it can help first-time wearers learn how to properly insert, remove and care for contacts on a regular basis.

If your teenager is interested in getting contacts in Tampa, visit any one of our six Optical Outlets locations in the city to find out more and to get the comprehensive eye care you deserve.

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