Designer Eyewear in Tampa

Tampa Designer Eyewear

Optical Outlets is your one stop destination for the best designer eyewear in Tampa. Our optical store is stocked with the best selection of designer sunglasses and eyeglasses and our on-site optometrists ready to help you select the best glasses for your style and shape. Some of our great name brand makers include Nike, Kenneth Cole, Marc Jacobs and Hugo Boss. We also carry budget frames for those who need to be more economical.


Designer Eyewear in Tampa

Some of the lenses we carry include invisible bifocals, mirrored lenses, polarized lenses and polycarbonate lenses. Invisible bifocals are great for those who do not wish to wear traditional bifocals that show a line dividing their frames and look more like single vision lenses. Invisible bifocals actually give you very clear vision at all distances, compared to traditional bifocals, which have blind spots. And invisible bifocals are closest to natural vision, giving the wearer sharp, clear vision. Conversely, our mirror lenses reduce light more than our regular sunglasses do, making them good for bright conditions such as skiing or being outside in extremely bright sunlight. And polarized lenses are used in sunglasses and our designer eyewear in Tampa to reduce glare from reflective surfaces. Lastly, our polycarbonate lenses offer a thinner, lighter frame than traditional plastic eyeglasses. They can be made with 100% UV protection and are ten times more resistant to impact than traditional plastic lenses. These eyeglasses are great for children, those who play sports or who have hazardous jobs.

Our designer eyewear in Tampa isn’t limited to these types of eyeglasses and sunglasses. We also offer progressive lenses, which are also like no-line bifocals. They provide a smooth transition from distant through near vision, and everything in between. This allows the wearer to have glasses that they can use for things close up, such as reading, but also far away, like driving. We also offer special eyeglasses for kids and seniors. Children’s glasses need to be special in that they should be durable but also fun and unique so the child wants to wear them.


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