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If you want to make sure that you have the clearest vision possible, you should visit us at Optical Outlets. Our eye doctor in Tampa FL will make sure that you have an excellent up-to-date optical prescription, and our optician will make sure that your eyeglasses fit you perfectly for optimal vision correction.

Eye doctor in Tampa

In order for eyeglasses to provide you with the very best vision possible, they need to fit your face perfectly, and contain an up-to-date optical prescription. Our eye doctor in Tampa FL recommends that you come in to see us for a comprehensive eye exam about a year. This time period may differ if you have certain medical or eye conditions. When you get an eyeglass prescription, there will be an expiration date on it. The expiration date may depend on your age, current eye health, overall health, and even on your family health history. The expiration date will let you know when it is important that you come in for a new eye exam and prescription. If there have been changes to your vision, you may even continue to have clear vision, but these changes can cause eyestrain and headaches if these new vision issues are not addressed.

Sometimes, eyes can even improve in their vision but eyeglasses prescriptions become too strong. If you have an improvement in your vision, and need a decreased power in your lens, having this correction made can also make your eyes more comfortable, and allow you to see better at certain distances. There are also eye diseases which show no symptoms in the early stages. So having periodic eye exams are extremely helpful in protecting your eyes good health. When you have your new lens prescription, our optician will talk to you about certain types of lenses which may even enhance the effects of the prescription, such as new lenses which have less curvature to them so that they may improve your peripheral vision even more.

For an appointment to see our eye doctor in Tampa FL, for an up-to-date prescription, contact us today.


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