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Common Refractive Eye Condition

Orthokeratology uses gas permeable contact lenses, which are worn only at night, to temporarily reshape the structure of the cornea. By wearing these specialized contact lenses while you sleep, you can enjoy the benefits of seeing clearly throughout the day without corrective eyewear. At the office of Optical Outlets, we provide this advanced, non-invasive and nighttime only method of care to dramatically improve your vision and allow you to see clearly throughout the day.

Nearsightedness or myopia is the most common refractive eye condition. If you suffer from myopia, objects at a distance, such as road signs or the chalkboard at school may appear blurry. You may find yourself squinting, straining your eyes and experiencing headaches when trying to view objects from far away. With the prevalence of computers and smartphones, myopia appears to be on the rise, as prolonged focusing on a screen may contribute to this condition. Myopia occurs when the cornea or lens is too curved for the length of eye or when the eyeball is too long relative to curvature of the cornea. To diagnose myopia, your eye doctor will perform a comprehensive examination, using a visual acuity chart and diagnostic tools to measure your vision and the structure of your cornea. To correct myopia our optometrist can customize ortho-k contact lenses that are designed specifically to address your individual eye anatomy and level of correction needed. Ortho-k contact lenses temporarily reshape the cornea, which is the dome-like outermost surface of your eye. In conditions such as nearsightedness, the curvature of the cornea can affect how light is refracted and transmitted to the retina. This treatment is non-surgical, reversible and allows you the freedom of not having to wear prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses at all during the day!

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