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Tampa eye shop

Tampa Eye Shop

Eye shop in Tampa

Making sure you can see well every day is important, and it is especially so for people with vision impairments. For those who are farsighted, nearsighted and everything in between, it can be difficult if not sometimes impossible to go about your day without prescription lenses. Here at Optical Outlets we can help you stay on track right here at our Tampa eye shop. With over 6 locations in Tampa and over 40 throughout Florida state, we here at Optical Outlets have everything you need.

Everyone should have their vision checked once a year, but it can sometimes be more of a requirement for people with contact lenses. It is often recommended that you have your visual acuity checked annually to make sure that your prescription is as up to date as possible. This can be more of a concern for contact lens wearers since contacts are placed directly onto the eye, making the prescription strength operate a bit differently than it might for eyeglasses. Here at Optical Outlets, we offer comprehensive exams as well as fittings for people who wear contacts. A contact lens exam at our eye shop will involve updating your prescription and making sure that your eyes are still doing well with contact lenses. If you need any speciality lenses or if you would like to try a different kind, a contact lens fitting can allow you to sample what brands and types we have in stock so you can make an educated decision. Our optometrists can also show you speciality lenses if you need or prefer them, and we can make sure that you are supplied for the next few months, six months, or for the entire year.

If you need contact lens exams and fittings, just visit our Tampa eye shop. We offer so many services, have plenty of options, and we have a wide variety of optical goods, accessories, and more for you to choose from.

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