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Tampa Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses in Tampa

Sunglasses are a great idea not just in the summer, but all year round, and in all kinds of weather. We at Optical Outlets are pleased to offer an impressive variety of choices. And for those of our customers who already wear prescription eyeglasses, you should be aware that we can take that very same prescription and have it added to our sunglasses to give you outstanding vision correction in addition to all the benefits of our sunglasses.

Tampa Prescription Sunglasses

While many people may cite how attractive they look when they wear our Tampa prescription sunglasses, there is little doubt that the most impressive and important advantage of them is that they protect your eyes from hazardous UV sun rays. Those are the very same rays that motivate you to put sunscreen on to keep your skin form being harmed. Shouldn’t you give your eyes equal attention? Both UVA and UVB rays are dangerous to your eyes, and that’s why our Tampa prescription sunglasses block out 100% of both. They also shield you from the brightness of sun glare, which is vital when you’re driving, participating in outdoor activities or sports, lounging poolside, or just walking around town.

And, of course, we should circle back to how great you’ll look when you wear them. Choose from brand name designers such as Jhanes Barnes, Kate Spade, Boss, Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic, and Nine West, among others. To get them with your eyeglass prescription included, either bring in your current prescription when you or if it’s over a year old, get an eye exam from our optometrist first. Never have to make a decision between seeing sharply with clarity and keeping your eyes safe and the glare from blinding you.

Call our office to schedule an appointment for an eye exam. Our Tampa prescription sunglasses will enhance your life for sure.


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